First Competition and Mini Gathering Results

The grade 3 and 5 bands and our solo competitors are gearing up to head off to Anitgonish on Saturday for the first full competition of the year - The Antigonish Indoor Highland Games. Some of our pipers already warmed up to the competition season at this year's Citadel Mini Gatherings.

Well done to all Dartmouth pipers who took part in the mini gatherings: Suzanne, Jess, Blaise, Keegan, Orson, Breanna and Ross.

February 4 Ross - 1st, Grade 4 Keegan - 2nd, Grade 4 Jess - 2nd, Grade 2

March 3 Keegan -  1st, Grade 4 Orson - 3rd, Grade 4

March 31 Breanna - 1st, Chanter Orson - 3rd, Grade 4