Celebrating in the Square

Dartmouth & District Pipe Band will be performing at Celebration Square (Halifax Parade Square) Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at noon as part of the Canada Winter Games festivities.

by Kate Watson Published on February 8, 2011, Halifax News Net

Thanks to the Canada Games, Halifax’s Grand Parade is temporarily being transformed into an entertainment venue called Celebration Square.

It’s going to be home to some free and fantastic night-time concerts with the likes of Great Big Sea and Joel Plaskett, and during lunch hours, it will also bring some culturally diverse local talent to the stage.

“The thinking was that since we have this big, beautiful heated stage already set up, why not use it to really celebrate our community?” explains Adam Reid, cultural and festivals coordinator for the 2011 Canada Games.

Reid describes the programming as really “light and fun” and says he imagines that at lunch time the square will be filled with friends and family of the performers, visitors from outside the city and by local workers who stop by to take in the party atmosphere.

“Our aim is to make Celebration Square the heart of the games,” he says.

The Dartmouth & District Pipe Band was one of the many groups that eagerly answered the call that went out to the local arts community last fall for submissions to the program.

“We’re always looking for different opportunities to play for a wider audience,” says piper Lynn Redmond. “This seemed perfect.”

Redmond says that people can expect an exciting and visually interesting show from the pipe band.

“When the pipes and drums march by, people clear a path,” she says with a laugh. “At the very least, we’re always noticed, but I think more than that, people in Nova Scotia feel a real kinship for the Gaelic culture, and we showcase that.”

The other selected performers, including more than 275 youth, represent a broad range of arts and entertainment featuring highland dancing, African drumming and circus performances.

“Celebration Square at Noon presents yet another opportunity to showcase the diverse culture and talent this province has to offer,” said Halifax 2011 Canada Games CEO Chris Morrissey. “It’s an honour to be able to showcase talent from communities across Nova Scotia.”