Grade 2 Band

Our grade 2 band, our top-level band, is lead by Pipe Major Scott Long and Lead Drummer Zach Smith. Both are accomplished teachers, competitors and performers dedicated to turning out the best band possible. The goal of the grade 2 band is to refine skills and develop players as a group to compete and perform at a higher standard while playing great music and having fun.

Grade 4 Band

Our grade 4 band, lead by Pipe Major Blaise Theriault and Lead Drummer Dan Knee, is our intermediate level band. Players hone the skills they’ve learned and continue to develop their musicianship and level of playing.

Grade 5/Parade Band

The grade 5/parade band is made up from students attending our school. Instructed by pipers Jessica Bain and Neil White, and drummers Nick MacDonald and Zach Smith, it is our students introduction to playing in a band. Players learn the basic skills of their instruments, and develop an understanding of pipe band structure, drill and performance.